Here are a few answers to most common questions we receive. If you have any further queries please feel free to call or email us today.

What should I wear?

Dress appropriately to the weather. Long pants, sneakers and a hat are highly recommended and sun screen.

What equipment will I receive on the day?

You will be given a S*A*T*R laser weapon. The features are above and beyond those of a traditional laser system and includes:

  • Real-time hit feedback through a red dot scope and voice feedback. Your laser weapon will tell you when you have a casualty (wound), target defeated or already taken.
  • Real-time statistics include hit points, current ammunition in magazine, replacement magazine, hits made, defeats made and re-spawns and accuracy percentage.

Coloured headband to determine your team.

Will we have a referee?

Yes we allocate 2 referees per group to ensure your day is fun, safe and exciting.

Is there somewhere for parents to wait?

Yes there is. We have a kiosk with chairs and tables for parents.

If I have booked a childrens birthday party do I need a parent consent form signed?

Yes you do. These forms can be downloaded from our downloads section and given to the parents of extra children you might be bringing. Or by clicking here.

Can I get food for my group on the day?

Yes you can. Simply pre-book a sausage sizzle at time of booking.

Is there any cancellation fees if people don't show?

Yes there is. Unless you advise us via phone 24hours ahead of time, deposits will not be refunded.